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Eurovision Song Contest

Client: BBC Studios

Location: M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Role: Technical Manager


Given the UK’s track record in the Eurovision Song Contest, this is likely to have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on the event and one we weren’t going to pass up, especially as it was working back with a number of the team from Birmingham Ceremonies including the GBA team.

As part of the technical team from the start of the build through to the very end of handing the venue back, we were technical management for the build, overnight rehearsals and planned and ran the derig.

The job involved a lot of suppliers, crew and equipment all squeezed into a tight space, with over 2000 lights, nearly 600 motors and kilometres of LED and it was only made possible by a great working environment with some of the industries best suppliers all working together for the same goal.

The contest was watched by 162 million people and is now the most familiar non-sporting global event, with only the Olympics and FIFA World Cup surpassing the brand.

Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Client: Birmingham Ceremonies Ltd (GBA)

Location: Alexander Stadium, Birmingham

Role: Capital Works Manager (Production Management)


We took on the role of Capital Works Manager in the Technical department for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022. Working over 8 months with 5 months on site, delivering two of the biggest shows of the moment with some of the best minds in the industry was a real privilege.


The Capital Works Manager role involved all of the infrastructure overlay required in the stadium complex that was specific to the ceremonies including overhead catenary lines, compounds, cable containment, platforms, control rooms, ramps, ground protection amongst other venue related items. It also saw us as the link between the ceremonies team, the organising committee’s Overlay team, their turnkey supplier, the venue and the venue construction team.


We were tasked with running the transition from the Opening Ceremony to Sport and the derig of ceremonies elements after the closing ceremony. Transition involved planning and co-ordinating the turnaround of the stadium from the set up of the opening ceremony to hand it back to the Organising Committee for them to operate the Commonwealth Games track and field events. All of which had to happen within a 62 hour period, which included having to returf the entire infield after all of the technical elements where removed.

It was a fantastic event to be involved in, with an amazing team of people working together to achieve an ambitious project in the physical space and the time available.

Piccadily Circus Circus

Client: Unusual Services

Location: Central London

Role: Production Management

This event saw Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Lower Regent Street and Waterloo Place transformed into a pop up circus as part of the "London 2012 Surprises campaign".


There were stages across the entire area as it became pedestrianised for a one day only spectacular culminating in an incredible overhead show of "Place des Anges" by the Studio de Cirque.

Piccadily Circus Circus
Lumiere London

Client: Unusual Services

Location: Central London

Role: Production Management

The first time Lumiere was staged in London saw the transformation of areas around King's Cross, Regent Street, Picadilly Circus, through Leicester and Trafalgar Square's right down to Westiminster Abbey. A truly spectacular event closing roads and pedestrianising expanses of London people can rarely walk down without the drone of the traffic. We looked after Tilt at Leicester Square and covered Trafalgar Square down to Westminster Abbey.

IDEX Opening Ceremonies

Client: Protec

Location: Abu Dhabi

Role: Production Management

The International Defence Exhibition and Conference is a biennial event held at Abu Dhabi's National Exhibition Centre. We were asked to provide on site Production Services as part of a large team running the opening ceremonies. The event saw the car park of the exhibition centre turned into a temporary warzone complete with tank assault course, a temporary canal for tactical rib boats, a villiage scene, zip wires, tracking LED screens, stunt drivers and riders, pyrotechnics, flypasts, a tank revolve and a world record as 5 rage buggies travelled through a loop in quick succession.