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Tour Management
JLR tours
Jaguar Land Rover
Global Static Launch Tours

Clients: Imagination & TBA PLC

Location: Global

Role: Production & Project Management

We've worked on various global launch tours for new and refreshed Jaguar Land Rover Products involving multiple tour kits across all corners of the globe.

These tour kits offer a static preview and often the first view of the vehicle to prospective customers and include displays about the design inspiration, technical stories, innovation, colour and trim options all supporting the vehicle beautifully presented on a custom plinth.

Urbn Adventure
Jaguar Land Rover
Evoque Urban Adventure Tour

Client: Imagination

Location: European

Role: Production & Project Management

We were approached by Imagination to run the Range Rover Evoque Urban Adventure tour for Jaguar Land Rover.

There were 2 parallel tours travelling around Europe from the UK to the Ukraine and from Italy to Sweden. Each tour spanned 3 months visiting over 15 locations, consisting of a crew of 12 joined by 9 local staff at each venue, 4 trucks, 7 display Evoques and 3 crew Discoveries.


The aim of the tour was to promote the already successful Evoque and help to the car appeal more to the male customers in addition to the existing female market. The targets were 20,000 driving impressions and an exposure of 750,000 people including social media. To help achieve this we included a show with free runners, professional drivers and a precision driver to put the car through it's paces included a controlled J Turn in a small environment. 

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Cullinan Tour

Client: Scenex

Location: Global

Role: Scenic Production Management

In 2018 we worked on the Rolls Royce Cullinan Tour designed and delivered by Imagination. This tour consisted of 3 kits positioned in different regions around the world. 

Our focus on this project was all on the delivery of the scenic elements and co-ordinating the delivery and installation of the various departments' hardware into the kit. The scenic elements were largely mirror faced, so the crating, handling and assembly of these elements were critical to the success of the project to maintain a premium product throughout. 


The brief was for two trucks/containers to be able to tour the kit so careful consideration needed to be made to maximise the efficiency of the truck pack. The size and breakdown of the scenic components was carefully considered to make sure the resultant crate dimensions allowed for the crates to be tessallated in the most space efficient manner.


The final consideration for the crating was for all the elements inside the crates to be accessible in the order required, reasons for this being twofold, firstly to ensure nothing had to be laid off and therefore unprotected and prone to damage (a major consideration with the mirror components) and to speed up the install.

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